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New to Foodlets? I’ll show you around!

Welcome! Whether you’re here out of curiosity or desperation (two things I toggle between on a daily basis), I’m thrilled to see you. This website is about ideas for feeding kids–about making it fun, healthy and interesting all around. Here’s how you get to the good stuff:

What’s new?

Every new post will appear right at the top of the blog on the main page.

Where’s the rest?

There are also tons of other ideas on the site. On the right side of the page are the categories. These are archived posts that fit into a few different organizational buckets. So far these are:

  • BAREFOOT FOR BABIES. I love the Barefoot Contessa, whose parents originally meant for her name to be Ina Garten. I don’t care because I love her either way. Her food is delicious and she seems like she’s having more fun than anyone else has ever had in the kitchen. The drawbacks, apologies Contessa, are that her food is often rich, sophisticated, expensive and/or not very healthy. Because of my undying love, I’m willing to overlook these hurdles. Instead I’ll be adapting her recipes for tiny tots. We’ll see how it goes…
  • GOOD IDEAS: Pretty self explanatory, click here to get information about cool new products or fast fixes to common conundrums
  • IN THE NEWS: From celebrity causes to food fads everywhere, I’m pulling headlines so we can discuss (or cringe, or cheer, but I’m going to do my best to keep the pointing and laughing to a minimum, usually)
  • RECIPES, RECIPES, RECIPES: Sometimes these are recipes from cooks and chefs I admire, sometimes they’re my own and for the latter, I’m usually looking for your input! Please feel free to test out a recipe and offer a suggestion any time
  • TOTAL FAILURES. These recipes didn’t work but they made for a good story. I think.

Within these categories are several current features:

TOP 10. These are lists, typically about foods that work for us. Sometimes they’re things that don’t. They aren’t full recipes, usually they’re ideas about how to put things together.

FOODLETS FOUR. Neat new products that you might want to know about.

What’s up top?

You’ll see a few links at the top of every page on These are:

  • Home: Which of course takes you to the main page of the blog no matter what page you’re on when you click
  • About this idea: A little more about my story and this blog’s big dreams
  • Complaint department: I want to hear from you! What do you struggle with, i.e. what topics would be most useful for me to cover? I’ll find experts and other been-there-done-that parents to give us great advice so chime in, and feel free to do it often
  • Submit your recipe: Got a winner for kiddies? Share it here! We’ll be compiling as many recipes as possible–ultimately creating the biggest kid-friendly recipe source online. (This area is going to get more high-tech soon, just wait.)

What are all of those links on the bottom right?

They’re websites that I find useful and inspiring and I thought you should know about them too.

Are you on Facebook?

Yes! Look for us/me by searching “Foodlets”.


Special features

Up next are a few ideas I’m very excited about. These are in development now:

FAMILY DINNER PARTY. This is something I feel strongly about, sitting down together to have a nice meal at the end of the day. We’re not quite there yet with Phoebe, at least not every night, because her early bedtime requires an awfully early dinner time but we’re headed in that direction. Soon I’ll be offering recipes with an international feel plus craft projects for kiddies to create while dinner is being prepared.  The idea is for them to get excited and invested in the process of trying something new–plus the basic idea of sitting down together. Ultimately there will be 52 Family Dinner Party ideas, enough to plan one every week.

PARENT TESTED/KID BELOVED RECIPES. Like I said above, one of this blog’s biggest goals is to generate a massive-but wonderful-recipe collection full of nothing but kid-friendly recipes. It’ll be the go-to resource for parents everywhere. These are YOUR recipes, your chance to brag (and dance, shout and shimmy) and it’s going to be great.


You’ll also be able to subscribe to a weekly feed with new ideas coming right to your in-box.


Sign up soon.

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