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The easiest way to get kids to eat vegetables: Add veggie puree

July 29, 2011

IT’S SUCH AN EASY IDEA, and a good one. Like Mrs. Seinfeld says in her book, Deceptively Delicious, adding veggies on the sly is the simplest way to pack in nutrition without a fight. From brownies to breakfast bars, it’s a smart strategy but that’s just the beginning. I’ve started stocking our fridge with a few vegetable blends ready to throw in anything.

  • White beans with a splash of water are an easy addition to things like tuna sandwiches or any baked casserole
  • Spinach pureed with enough water to keep things liquified get tossed into smoothies (thanks Tricia for this idea!)
  • Frozen mixed vegetables thawed and blended made the perfect addition to any pasta sauce or soup (thanks to Regan for this one!)

The trick is, you have to have the puree ready ahead of time or it’s too much hassle. You can also make a batch then freeze some. I use the baby food freezing molds because I have them handy but I have it on good authority that regular ice cube trays work perfectly.

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