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Let them help cook…and snack along the way

June 9, 2011

HOW TO GET YOUR TODDLER TO EAT MORE VEGGIES: pull up a chair, stool or other propping device and let her help you prepare dinner. Phoebe particularly likes “organizing” her ingredients so I give her a little bowl and a wooden spoon. Things go in the bowl, things go out of the bowl, things fall on the floor…but here’s where it works. If I happen to be chopping broccoli, cauliflower, even carrots (a known reject these days) she’ll happily pop a few bites in her mouth along the way. Something about the distraction of cooking, plus the fun of getting to try it outside of the dinner table seems to sweeten the deal. Frozen peas are something of a double edged sword though; I’m happy that she wants to eat peas but I’ve never seen someone eat so many frozen peas. Actually I’ve never seen anyone eat a frozen pea so the record was hardly difficult to beat but still…

An expanded idea from a previous post: 7 Ways to Get Toddlers To Eat More Vegetables >>

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